Updates, 12-2-2013


  • I completely failed at NaNoWriMo this year. After getting to about 16,000 words, some shake ups at work affected my normal writing time. The changes resulted in longer sleeping times to deal with the stress (I work third shift, so it’s not like I ever get good sleep even when things are “normal”). Next thing I knew, I was 20,000 words behind and said, “Screw it.”
  • If there’s one thing I took away from NaNoWriMo, it’s that I have difficulty doing creative projects if I’m not passionate about them. This is a lesson I had learned previously about art back when I was an art student — I liked creating but had difficulty doing it on assignment. Apparently, that applies to all areas of my creative endeavors. If I’m doing it because “I have to” and not because “I want to” I don’t seem to have the emotional fortitude to see the work through to the end. And NaNoWriMo was very much an assignment I gave to myself to “practice” writing. I didn’t care about the story I was telling in book form. I feel like if I had, I’d have been more likely to make time for it. I’ve never had this problem with filmmaking (when I’ve had the equipment to do it), to the point where I’m still emotionally invested in projects that fell apart for various reasons over the last ten years. Maybe this is a sign I should be making movies?
  • At the beginning of November, I switched my diet to “clean” eating. Primarily, I’ve been following a primal diet, and in the few instances where I have had grains, I do my best to remain gluten-free. I’d reckon that I’ve managed to eat this way about 90% of the month. And in November, I lost ten pounds. I haven’t done anything extra exercise-wise so far, though I intend to once I really get the hang of this new lifestyle. I know there are a lot of critics and opponents of eating paleo, but the truth is it makes me feel better. The weight loss is just an extra bonus. Eating a diet of primarily veggies and meat has led me to feeling more focused and energetic. Say what you want about the diet itself, but I’m going to go with how it makes me feel over your opinion any day.


PHOTO SOURCE: Run, Bruin, Run!

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